Door Edge Guard

PT9360T100 Product Image
Part Number: PT9360T100
Supersession(s): PT936-0T100

  • Helps provide vertical door edge protection from dings and chipped paint
  • Color-matched to the vehicle's exterior factory paint
  • Encapsulated in thermoplastic to help prevent any metal-to-metal contact
  • Designed for a perfect fit to door edge contours
  • Compression fit with no need for adhesives or mechanical fasteners
  • Seamlessly blends into the vehicle's styling
  • Tested for temperature, weather and impact to help resist cracking, fading and peeling

Help prevent door edge dings and chipped paint with this protective finishing touch.

  • Color-matched and compression-fitted to Venza door edge contours
  • Seamlessly blends into exterior styling

Additional dealer discounts may apply.