Battery Hold Down Stud

Part Number: 744510C030
Supersession(s): 74451-0C030

Bolt, Battery Clamp, NO.2.
A threaded rod which is used along with a nut to provide clamping force to help secure the Battery Hold Down to it's mounting point.

Fits Sequoia, Tundra

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Diagram BATTERY CARRIER for your 2007 Toyota Tundra
Required: 1
From 200611 to 200904.
From 200904 to 201308.
From 200904 to 201005.
From 201308 to 201708.
From 201308 to 201409.
From 201708 on.
From 201708 to 201907.
0002FB 0; 00029X 0; 0001VV0017 0; 0001EK0017 0; 0000YF 0016 0; 0000YA 0; 0000DH 0; USK5#..HTWC; UPK52,57;UPK51,55,56,USK50..D,L; UPK51,56..S;GSK5#,UPK50,USK51,52,55,56,57; UPK5#;USK56,57..HTWCF; UPK5#,USK5#; GSK51; GSK5#,UCK5#,USK5#;
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