2004 Toyota 4Runner

Ignition Switch

Part Number: 8445012200
Supersession(s): 4525035A00; 4525060A70; 84450-12200

Switch, Ignition OR Starter.
A switch, typically located in the steering column or vehicle dashboard behind the ignition lock cylinder, used to power on and start the vehicle. Used with a tradition vehicle key.

Ignition Switch - Repair or Replace
A failed ignition switch can cause interesting issues ranging from intermittently failing electronics to a no crank condition. To have your 2004 Toyota 4Runner diagnosed, bring it in to our Toyota service department for expert diagnosis.

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Diagram SWITCH & RELAY & COMPUTER for your 2004 Toyota 4Runner
Required: 1
From 200208 to 200508.
From 200208 to 200408.
From 200508 to 200908.
00001G 0; 000002 0022 0; GRN21#,UZN21#..5FC; GRN21#,UZN21#; GRN21#;
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