2001 Toyota 4Runner

Disc Brake Rotor (Front)

Part Number: 435120C020
Supersession(s): 43512-0C020

A single disc brake rotor

Fits Sequoia, Tundra

Brake Rotor - Repair or Replace
If your steering wheel shimmies when you step on the brakes or your rotors have simply reached their wear limit, consider replacing them with your next brake job. Our Toyota technicians will replace the brake parts in your 2001 Toyota 4Runner with the highest quality parts available—OEM brake parts.

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Diagram Rotors for your 2001 Toyota 4Runner
From 200611 to 200904.
From 200904 to 201308.
From 200904 to 201005.
From 201308 to 201708.
From 201708 on.
0001V90017 0; 0001F4 0; 0000YF 0016 0; 0000YA 0; 0000DH 0; UPK52,57;UPK51,55,56,USK50..D,L; UPK51,56..S;GSK5#,UPK50,USK51,52,55,56,57; UPK5#,USK5#; GSK51,UPK5#,USK5#; GSK5#,UCK5#,USK5#;
From 200711 to 201708.
From 201708 on.
From 201708 to 201709.
00003F 0; 00001M 0; 000008 0; USK65..HTWCF; USK6#..HTWC; UCK6#,UPK6#,USK6#;
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