1999 Toyota RAV4

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Part Number: 8318112020
Supersession(s): 83181-12020; 8318112070; 8318132020

Sensor, Speedometer.
A sensor, located on a vehicle's transmission/transaxle and not a part of the ABS system, used to measure transmission/transaxle output or wheel speed

Vehicle Speed Sensor - Repair or Replace
Your vehicle speed sensor sends information to your speedometer and/or your engine’s computer to tell the transmission when to shift. If the speedometer in your 1999 Toyota RAV4 isn’t working, or there’s a check engine light that accompanies shifting problems, let a Toyota technician examine your vehicle.

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Diagram METER for your 1999 Toyota RAV4
Required: 1
From 199511 on.
000008 0; SXA10,11..ATM;
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