1998 Toyota T100

Suspension Strut (Left, Rear)

48540A9220 Product Image
Part Number: 48540A9220
Supersession(s): 48540-A9220

Absorber, Shock.
Cartridge and Base of the Suspension Strut Assembly.

Fits Camry

Suspension Shock or Strut - Repair or Replace
If your struts or shocks are worn or weak, you may experience problems like an excessively bouncy ride, your suspension bottoms out more easily than it used to, or your vehicle feels unstable on bumpy roads. You may also notice fluid leaking from your strut. If this is the case for your 1998 Toyota T100, have a Toyota certified technician diagnose and repair your suspension system with factory genuine parts.

Diagram Shocks and Struts for your 1998 Toyota T100
From 200406 on.
00003E0005 0; ACV30,MCV31..NAP..SE; MARK 48540-AA140;
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