1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

Suspension Stabilizer Bar Bushing (Front)
This Fits Your 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

Part Number: 4881560111
Supersession(s): 48815-60111

BUShing, Stabilizer Bar, NO.1. Suspension Sway Bar BUShing.
An isolator that reduces vibrations and wear

Fits Land Cruiser

Stabilizer Bushing - Repair or Replace
A worn or broken stabilizer bushing or sway bar bushing may cause a rapid clank-clank noise when going over bumps. If your 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser is exhibiting these symptoms, our Toyota techs can inspect and repair the problem for you.

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Diagram FRONT SPRING & SHOCK ABSORBER for your 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser
Required: 2
From 199801 to 200208.
From 200208 to 200505.
From 200505 on.
0000030061 0; 000003 0060 0; 000002 0; UZJ100;
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