1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5-V6

Serpentine Belt

Part Number: 90916A2001
Supersession(s): 90916-A2001

Belt, V (For Fan and Alternator). Belt, V RIBBED.
A component of the external engine that transfers power to accessory pulleys by rotation.

Fits Tacoma, Tundra

Drive Belt - Repair or Replace
A failing drive belt could affect the performance of your vehicle's auxiliary systems, not to mention a loud squealing sound from under the hood. Consider having having your drive belt inspected or replaced to keep your 1996 Toyota 4Runner running at its best.

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Diagram V-Belts for your 1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5-V6
From 200408 on.
0000H7 0; 1GRFE..GSK30;
From 200409 to 200805.
From 200805 to 201109.
From 200805 to 201006.
From 201109 to 201508.
00007K 0; 00001B 0; 00000E 0; 1GRFE..GRN265..6F; 1GRFE..GRN265..5FC;1GRFE..GRN225,245,250,270; 1GRFE..GRN225,245,250,265,270;
From 200611 to 200904.
From 200904 to 201010.
000010 0010 0; 000010 0; 1GRFE..GSK5#; L=2120;
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