1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
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Engine Oil Pressure Switch

Part Number: 8352055011
Supersession(s): 83520-55011; 8352022010; 8352055010

Gauge, Oil Pressure Sender.

Fits 4Runner, Corolla, Cressida, Land Cruiser, PickUp, Supra, Truck

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch - Repair or Replace
The oil pressure switch or oil pressure sensor in your 1989 Toyota 4Runner communicates with your engine’s computer to turn on the oil light if the oil pressure is low. In some cases, they can fail as a result of an oil leak and must be replaced to prevent catastrophic engine damage.

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Diagram SWITCH & RELAY & COMPUTER for your 1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
Required: 1
From 198308 to 198708.
From 198608 to 198708.
From 198708 to 198903.
From 198708 to 198808.
From 198711 to 198903.
00029E 0; 00028R0401 0; 00028N 0; 00025B 0; 000070 0; VZN6#..(DLX,STD)..USA; RN66..DLX..IV; RN55,6#..HLF..TBO; RN55,6#,VZN6#..SR5,SRT; RN5#,6#..SR5; YAZAKI,W/TACHOMETER; YAZAKI;
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