1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
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Engine Coolant Temperature Sender

Part Number: 8342020020
Supersession(s): 83420-20020; 8342001010; 8342016010

Gauge, Water Temperature Sender.

Engine Coolant Temperature Sending Unit - Repair or Replace
If your engine coolant temperature sender has failed, you may notice one of several symptoms: your temperature gauge doesn’t move, your engine overheats without warning, your radiator fans don’t switch on, or they don’t switch off. If your 1989 Toyota 4Runner has any of these symptoms, it's a good idea to let a trained Toyota technician perform an inspection.

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Diagram SWITCH & RELAY & COMPUTER for your 1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
Required: 1
From 198308 to 198903.
0000010401 0; LN5#,6#,RN5#,6#,7#,VZN6#;
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