1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
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EGR Valve Temperature Sensor

Part Number: 8941212010
Supersession(s): 89412-12010; 8941201010

Sensor, E.G.R. (EGR). (EGR) Gas Temperature.

EGR Valve Temperature Sensor - Repair or Replace
A failed EGR Valve Temperature Sensor will often have no noticeable symptoms beyond a check engine light, but it does cause your 1989 Toyota 4Runner to operate inefficiently and produce higher emissions. Our technicians have access to manufacturer-approved repair processes and Toyota genuine parts.

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Diagram ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM for your 1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
Required: 1
From 198708 to 198903.
From 198708 to 198808.
From 198711 to 198903.
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