1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
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Brake Light Switch

Part Number: 8434030030
Supersession(s): 84340-30030; 8434030040; 8434032010

Brakelight Switch. Switch, Stop Lamp.

Fits 4Runner, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Land Cruiser, Starlet, Tercel, Truck

Brake Light Switch - Repair or Replace
If your brake light switch has failed, some symptoms can include: your gearshift lever gets stuck, your cruise control won't cancel, your engine won't crank, and of course, your brake lights won't work. If your 1989 Toyota 4Runner exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it in to our service department.

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Diagram SWITCH & RELAY & COMPUTER for your 1989 Toyota 4Runner Truck SR-5, GLX WAGON
Required: 1
From 198508 to 198801.
From 198801 to 198903.
0002B2 0; 00007D 0; LN56,66,RN5#,6#,7#,VZN6#; RN5#,6#,7#,VZN6#; MATSUSHITA;
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