1986 Toyota 4Runner

Engine Water Pump

Part Number: 161006939883
Supersession(s): 16100-69398-83; 1610069395; 161006939583; 1610069396; 1610069397; 1610069398

Main Engine Water Pump

Fits 4Runner, T100, Tacoma, Tundra

Water Pump - Repair or Replace
If any of the components of your vehicle's water pump assembly are faulty, your engine can't properly cool itself. If you've noticed a coolant leak from the front of your engine, quickly rising engine temperatures at idle or that your water pump pulley is loose or making noise, have your 1986 Toyota 4Runner inspected by one of our certified Toyota technicians.

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Diagram Water Pump for your 1986 Toyota 4Runner
From 199408 on.
00004Z0009 0; 5VZFE..VCK21;5VZFE..VCK11..MTM;
From 200205 to 200208.
000006 0; 5VZFE..VZN18#;
From 200304 on.
000004 0; 5VZFE..VZN170;
From 200304 on.
00000H 0; 5VZFE..VZN150,195;
From 200309 to 200408.
00001S 0024 0; 5VZFE..VCK40;5VZFE..VCK30..5F;
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