THIS DOES NOT FIT YOUR 1985 Toyota 4Runner

Horn Relay (Front, Rear, Lower)

Part Number: 9008498031
Supersession(s): 9008087008; 9008087019; 90084-98031; 9008498025; 9098702012

Relay, ACC. Relay, Air Conditioner Water Pump. Relay, Back UP Lamp. Relay, Battery B, NO.1. Relay, Circuit Opening (For EFI).
Relay, Clearance Lamp. Relay, Computer (For EFI). Relay, Cooler. Relay, Cooling Fan, NO.2. Relay, Cooling Fan, NO.3. Relay, DAY Time Running Light, NO.1. Relay, Defogger. Relay, Dome Lamp. Relay, Headlight, NO.2. Relay, Heater (For Air Fuel Ratio Sensor). Relay, Heater Mirror. Relay, Heater, NO.1. Relay, Heater, NO.2. Relay, Ignition Contact. Relay, Ignition, NO.1. Relay, Ignition, NO.2. Relay, Injection (For EFI). Relay, Inverter. Relay, Magnet Clutch. Relay, Main (For Diesel TURBO). Relay, Power Outlet Socket. Relay, Power Window. Relay, Seat Heater. Relay, Towing Tail. Relay, Windshield Washer. Relay, Wiper DEICER.

Horn Relay - Repair or Replace
A horn relay in need of replacement can be one possible reason your horn doesn't work. Let our technicians inspect your 1985 Toyota 4Runner to determine if a new horn relay can help you.

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This product fits 808 vehicle variants.
Scion: 1 models, 6 variants between 2004 and 2006.
Toyota: 16 models, 802 variants between 1995 and 2010.
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